Why is a Tax Franchise for Sale an Entrepreneur’s Dream?

Oct 19, 2021

The tax preparation business is an 11 billion dollar industry and one which continues to grow. Over half of the people in the United State utilize a professional tax preparer for their taxes.  Whichever way you crunch the numbers, purchasing a tax franchise for sale could be a smart way to grow your own business. 

As we all know, taxes are a certainty; and tax preparation franchises can be an essential service for business owners and individuals. Amazingly, 90.4 percent of taxpayers in this country file their returns electronically! This fact alone supports the idea of tax franchise opportunities.  

If you are an entrepreneur who has figured out that tax service franchises could help you expand, Line Upon Line Franchise can be an excellent tax service franchise for sale and an innovative business to guide you on your entrepreneurial path. 

This blog will help you understand the benefits of exploring this franchise and the niche in which Line Upon Line specializes with respect to other tax preparation franchises.

Why is Line Upon Line Franchise a Differentiated Tax Franchise for Sale?

Line Upon Line targets underserved Hispanic businesses and individuals in the Latino communities. This tax franchise for sale offers a comprehensive array of tax preparation services. Line Upon Line’s tax service franchises can provide necessary services to Latino communities. 

While the gratification from helping Hispanics in underserved communities can be very rewarding for an idealistic entrepreneur, the tax franchise opportunities of Line Upon Line can also be rewarding from a financial perspective. Data indicates that more than 60 million Hispanics live in the United States and account for 18% of the country’s population. 

Additionally, Hispanics in the United States pay more than $76 billion in state and local taxes each year. Line Upon Line is a tax franchise for sale with a business model aimed to serve this community.  

These tax service franchises offer potential owners a great prospect in the tax preparation profession with a sound investment, while helping to satisfy the desire to make a substantial impact on an underserved community.

Who are the Brains Behind This Tax Franchise for Sale?

Aquila Chisolm and Hugo Montoya are the brains, the passion, and the brilliance behind Line Upon Line’s tax service franchise opportunities.  This pair provides the depth of knowledge and guidance to help entrepreneurs reach their dreams by helping them own one of the leading tax franchises for sale.

After a 15-year noteworthy career with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Aquila opened the first Line Upon Line office in 2000 in North Charleston, South Carolina. The knowledge and experience she garnered from her career with the IRS allowed her to use her tax business ideas to create the foundation of Line Upon Line.

Hugo is also an entrepreneur and visionary. His tax preparation focus included a vision of helping self-employed entrepreneurs thrive, particularly in his Latino community. In 2003, he brought his bookkeeping aptitude and bilingual skills to the Line Upon Line Hispanic franchise.

Aquila’s and Hugo’s dreams are to share their tax preparation ideas to help creative entrepreneurs buy into one of the best tax franchises for sale. Their primary goal is to expand the Line Upon Line brand to more Latino neighborhoods across the country. They believe these tax preparation franchises can be the perfect franchise choice for professional, similarly minded entrepreneurs who share the dream of making a difference to the underserved Hispanic community.

How Does the Line Upon Line Model Work for Entrepreneurs Interested in a Tax Franchise for Sale?

The Line Upon Line model is structured for simplicity. Specifically, it’s meant to lessen the burden that tax preparation places on individuals and small businesses. Here’s how:

  •       The Line Upon Line approach l allows the franchise owner to take advantage of a complete start-up package designed for modern business. This includes virtual experts (no in-person tax personnel needed) as well as equipment, technology, and software recommendations. This is all provided to Line Upon Line’s family of franchise owners.
  •       We developed this model to suit people looking for a relatively low initial investment with multiple potential revenue streams.
  •       Line Upon Line recognizes that going green is good business. This is why our model operates to allow for a totally paperless business. In addition to being good for the planet, this helps to keep overhead low and growth potential high.
  •       Becoming a franchise owner with Line Upon Line allows an entrepreneur to become part of a recession-resistant industry and be part of a fast-growing tax preparation brand.
  •   Looking for opportunities for future professional growth? The Line Upon Line model encourages professionals to earn an enrolled agent (EA) license to advance their knowledge of individual and business tax laws and representation issues.
  •   Don’t be fooled into thinking tax preparation is strictly seasonal. Line Upon Line offers year-round financial services: personal tax preparation, accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and licensing services for a variety of businesses.
  •   Line Upon Line embraces digital transformation with cloud-based support provided by a professional service partner.
  •   Have you always wanted your own space? The Line Upon Line concept requires an office space of approximately 1,000 square feet. The team will guide franchise owners as they select their site.
  •   The model has a low staffing overhead of one office manager or salesperson, while tax assistance is provided by virtual professionals.

 What Are the Financial Costs of Purchasing a Tax Franchise for Sale from Line Upon Line?

  •   A total investment of $35,000 includes franchise fees and a complete package of office equipment and software.
  •   A minimum of $10,000 in liquid capital is required.

What Are the Requirements to Own Tax Preparation Franchises?

  •   The entrepreneur should be familiar with accounting and tax principles to qualify as a franchise owner candidate.
  •   The potential owner should have an interest in becoming an Enrolled agent and receive certification with the Enrolled agent within 24 months of ownership.
  •   The entrepreneur should be customer-service oriented and have a desire to be involved in the community.  

Taxation Can Be a Good for The Entrepreneur Looking for Tax Service Franchise Opportunities

Line Upon Line Franchises offers tax service franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs wanting to own businesses that have positive impacts on the community. 

Intrigued by the prospect of purchasing a tax franchise for sale? Contact Line Upon Line to learn more.