4 Reasons Line Upon Line is a Latino-owned Business for Tomorrow

Sep 19, 2022

Latino-owned businesses are part of the fabric of our nation. Look at every industry out there, and odds are there are growing franchises proudly owned and operated by people of Hispanic or Latino descent. That’s just the beginning, too — the 2020 Census saw a 23% increase in the country’s Hispanic or Latino population, a rate of growth almost 20% greater than all other population groups combined.  A comparable increase in Latino businesses is likely to accompany this kind of sustained expansion, with options for ownership across many industries. A Latino-owned business like Line Upon Line can be the right option for many people looking to become owners and leaders. Here are just a few reasons why.

  • A rising industry
  • A simple and promising concept
  • Accessible entry cost
  • Low overhead

Line Upon Line aims to make it easy for Latinos to find a franchise that works for them, and we have the drive, and business model, to grow.

1. A Rising Industry

Before committing to a Latino-owned business, it’s natural for potential owners to want to know that they’re becoming part of a growing brand.  The franchise should be in an industry that’s had a record of growth, and it should be predicted to continue that trend in the future. Knowing the industry helps future owners move forward with confidence, and lets them devote themselves wholeheartedly to developing the business. Line Upon Line is part of an industry that’s had growth for years, with more expected to come. Accounting Services in the U.S. have a market size of more than $141 billion and saw 3.4% growth over the past five years.  And momentum is increasing — market size is predicted to grow by 6.3% over the next year. That kind of record can give owners the confidence they’re in a field with potential and makes Line Upon Line a franchise with big plans for the future.

2. A Simple and Promising Concept

What’s the most critical aspect of a franchise? For many businesses, Latino-owned or otherwise, the initial concept is the element that can matter most when establishing themselves. A franchise should have a well-designed and carefully considered game plan, and start off with a clear idea of how to execute it. Having a business model built and ready to go means owners can hit the ground running. Line Upon Line recognizes the need to start off with a concept aimed at simplicity and ease, and we’ve made it the foundation of our brand.  We provide year-round, virtual tax and accounting services to the communities we serve, in a quick-start environment designed to assist owners in establishing their franchise. Our approach is built for speed and efficiency and provides the sort of community assistance that can be vital in creating vibrant, active, and expanding Latino neighborhoods.

3. Accessible Entry Cost

One of the concerns many potential owners have when looking into Latino-owned business options is the cost of entry.  Every business requires owners to have a certain financial baseline, and meeting those requirements can be a challenge for some people interested in owning a franchise. That initial entry obligation can range significantly from industry to industry, and from brand to brand within an industry as well.  It’s where Line Upon Line focuses much of our energy, to help make becoming an owner with us as easy as possible. Line Upon Line requires our owners to have a minimum liquid capital and a net worth that is lower than many brands have, and it can put franchise ownership within reach of many talented and motivated people. We appreciate the promise of Latino-owned businesses, designed to be available to potential owners who believe in the franchise. It’s given us a franchise model ready to grow.

4. Low Overhead

Franchise expenses can come in all shapes and sizes. Some Latino-owned businesses require large staffs and a significant brick-and-mortar footprint, and that can lead to additional expenses down the line and might impact cash flow and growth potential. It’s important to find a brand that appreciates the need to keep overhead low. It’s smart and reflects the larger business culture at the franchise as well. At Line Upon Line, we built our brand with the notion that an accounting and tax preparation institution should begin with well-designed financial decisions of our own.  We outsource our accounting services to a third-party agency to keep our own staffing needs low, and have developed a green, cloud-based approach that can reduce overhead even more. The Line Upon Line franchise model lets owners build their businesses in a modest location, with a small team of dedicated professionals.

Start Your Latino-Owned Business with Line Upon Line

Latinos in the U.S. are a rising force, and the next few decades are expected to see their continued growth as a population group.  Becoming a franchise owner of a Latino-owned business like Line Upon Line can place you at the forefront of a brand designed for today, and tomorrow. At Line Upon Line, we’re part of a growing industry, and we offer a simple concept, backed up by an accessible entry cost and management overhead. We’re ready to grow, and we’re looking for potential owners to come with us. Want to find out more? Contact us today, and get your journey started with us!