Hispanic-Owned U.S. Businesses: Key Reasons to Invest

Sep 27, 2022

Today’s business landscape can be different from the one we grew up in. The present-day franchise can often target specific demographics and looks to find its owners from within that same demographic. 

It’s an approach that can access previously untapped markets and one that informs modern U.S. businesses owned by Hispanics.

There are plenty of reasons to look into a Hispanic-owned U.S. business. Hispanics are part of a growing population segment in this country and have often been historically underserved when it comes to basic services that are part of the fabric of the country. 

When combined with an industry with the potential to expand in the coming years, and a franchise concept like Line Upon Line, that’s built to meet contemporary needs, that mixture can be a formula for growth.

Franchises owned by Hispanics, and which are geared for operations in Hispanic communities across the U.S., have the potential to tap into an economic force that’s long been recognized and is now starting to realize its potential. And that list of Hispanic-owned businesses should include an accounting brand like Line Upon Line.

What makes Line Upon Line worth inclusion on a potential owner’s list of Hispanic-owned businesses? It’s thanks to a blend of practical considerations and a vision for a franchise designed to aid the people in their community.

A Hispanic-owned business in the U.S. can be the right option at the right time for prospective owners who want to be part of the next big thing.

A Growing Population

One of the fundamentals of business, a rule that hasn’t changed in all the time folks have been selling goods and services to each other, is that the customers need to be there for an enterprise to grow. 

An owner must have access to the people who want what they’re selling, and there needs to be enough of them to keep the business operating.

A Hispanic-owned U.S. business starts out with a customer base that’s established and is growing every year. Between 2010 and 2020, the U.S. Hispanic or Latino population grew by 23%

That accounts for slightly more than half of the total U.S. population growth during that same time period and suggests a rapid increase in buying power for the segment.

That sort of growth — from 50.5 million people with Hispanic heritage in 2010 to 62.1 million in 2020 — can be considered a harbinger of the future. 

Hispanics are becoming a larger part of our country every year, and a business owned by Hispanics in South Carolina or other economic centers could be well placed for future expansion.

They’re Part of a Growing Movement

A look at Hispanic-owned businesses can reveal all kinds of deeper truths about the economic landscape, and trends that rise above the industry level. In the case of Line Upon Line, it can place the brand as a leader of a new movement, and a sign of the future of commerce in this country.

It quickly becomes clear when reviewing a list of Hispanic-owned businesses that the trend is one that’s been developing for decades. And it’s one that’s picking up momentum as it grows larger.

Nearly one in four new businesses is owned by Hispanics. They join an existing force of almost 5 million Hispanic-owned enterprises, all combining to contribute over $800 billion to the nation’s economy every year.

It’s not just an abstract numbers game, either — Hispanic employers employ more than 1 million workers, and have over $100 billion in annual payroll. That helps give families across the country a financial foundation to support their dreams and goals.

Hispanic-owned brands like Line Upon Line have helped build new energy, and vision for what’s to come.

An Underserved Community

Despite that record of growth, Hispanic communities in the U.S. can often find themselves with fewer ready resources in their neighborhoods. 

Traditional business practices have sometimes neglected to give Hispanics the focus and attention they deserve, and that has led, in some cases, to reduced commerce and a relatively untapped market.

Many Hispanic-owned businesses in the U.S. are looking to fill that niche, and recognize the potential these communities can represent to new franchisees who have the tools and energy to respond to their needs.

list of hispanic owned business

These businesses see the economic engine that Hispanic-owned brands can help kick into higher gear, and have developed their franchise models to better serve this population segment. 

It’s a flexible approach that takes local concerns into account, and tailors services to match the customer base.

A U.S. business owned by Hispanics, and that serves a Hispanic population, can begin on common ground with their customers and can make all the difference to the communities they serve.

Hispanic-Owned Businesses can Help Build Communities

Hispanic owners are becoming a larger part of the workforce every year. That’s starting to give franchises like Line Upon Line an outsized potential role in the communities they serve, and can make them worthy of mention on a list of Hispanic-owned businesses.

It’s long been a fact of business that there are some groups that have been chronically underserved in the past. Hispanic communities across the nation have historically had to struggle to build the safety net of services they expect and deserve.

That positioning can directly impact the money spent in those neighborhoods. Hispanics make up almost 19% of the nation’s population, but only 6% of industry investment goes toward Hispanic-majority communities.

The situation is changing, though, and any list of Hispanic-owned businesses needs to reflect that shift.

Line Upon Line is part of a new kind of approach to franchising in predominantly Hispanic areas. Our services are designed to support the people who come to us and to give them essential support as they work to improve their lives.

An Industry with Potential

Even a Hispanic-owned business in the U.S., located in a previously underserved community, needs to be in an industry that’s expected to expand. 

Finding an industry that has a solid record of growth, and which is projected to continue that development, can remove many initial concerns and allow new owners to concentrate on delivering the best available service or product to their customers.

An accounting franchise like Line Upon Line could be the right option for potential owners who want to be part of a Hispanic-owned brand with the tools to grow. 

Accounting services have seen steady expansion for years, and recent changes to the tax code are likely to aid future growth as well.

Accounting and tax services are evergreen businesses that are in demand all year long, with seasonal peaks that can drive predictable hiring cycles. And it’s an industry needed in Hispanic communities across the country.

An Evergreen Industry

So far, we’ve learned why Line Upon Line could be at the top of a list of Hispanic-owned businesses built for modern operations, thanks to our position in a growing movement, and our devotion to the communities we serve.

Those are compelling reasons to consider joining the brand. But they’re just part of the story.

The industry itself can provide reasons of its own to look closer at the franchise. It’s one of the parts of the economy that can be resistant to the typical ups and downs common in many industries.

Accounting businesses are usually in demand, no matter the prevailing economic conditions. Taxes need to be filed, for both businesses and individuals, every year, and fraud reduction and audits occur in both good times and more challenging climates.

It’s a constant in life, and it’s helped keep job growth for accountants and auditors moving upward for decades, whatever the external business environment.

A Franchise Concept for Today

A Hispanic-owned U.S. business like Line Upon Line is part of an industry with promise, and serves a population that needs attention. But that’s just part of what makes Line Upon Line a franchise built for the modern world.

Line Upon Line starts with the idea that the owner shouldn’t have to be a subject-matter expert. Our franchise model uses a virtual tax and accounting approach and outsources the preparation to a staffing company.

This minimalist franchise model can reduce initial outlay and allow for lower entry costs. 

It’s part of the reason why we can offer a turnkey package of office equipment and software with a fee structure well below other tax preparation and accounting service franchises.

Line Upon Line franchise owners are part of a brand that recognizes and celebrates Hispanic businesses in this country and has worked to position them for expansion in the years to come.

A franchise with low entry cost

One of the most compelling reasons to think about placing Line Upon Line first on a list of Hispanic-owned businesses ready for future expansion could be the overall cost of joining the brand.

Industry and responsibility to the community are key factors for many future franchise owners, but expense can be just as important. Keeping the bar to entry at a relatively low level can expand the pool of potential owners, and allow the most qualified people to rise to the top.

That desire to keep costs under control at all points in the franchising experience drives Line Upon Line and is part of our vision for the brand.

For an entry cost well below many other tax-preparation businesses, owners get access to a turnkey package of office equipment and software and connect with a team of experienced, dedicated professionals ready to support them as they work to grow the franchise.

We keep opening expenses low, and apply the same energy to daily operations, with low overhead and minimal office and staffing requirements.

Start a Hispanic-Owned U.S. Business with Line Upon Line

At Line Upon Line, we’ve developed a franchise model centered on the communities where we live and work. We’re a business founded and run by Hispanic owners, and we work to provide much-needed services to a market with years of expected growth ahead of it.

Line Upon Line recognizes the need for Hispanic businesses that serve the communities we grew up in. We have a brand built for today, and are part of an industry poised for growth.

We love what we do, we offer services our customers love, and we’re excited to see what’s to come.

At Line Upon Line, we’re ready for tomorrow, and we’re looking for new owners to come with us as we prepare to grow.Want to find out more? Contact us today!