4 Key Reasons Why a Hispanic Business Can Be a Smart Investment

Apr 1, 2022

You’ve worked hard your entire life, building a successful career, establishing your professional reputation and conquering goals you have set for yourself.

Now, you’re ready to set out on a new venture and find a franchise that connects with you. A Hispanic business can be the right option for many potential owners and could be a smart choice for folks looking for a franchise with the tools for future expansion.

Owning a Hispanic small business like Line Upon Line can place owners in a favorable position, and makes good sense in a number of ways. It allows owners to establish themselves by focusing on:

  • An underserved market
  • A growing population ready to become loyal customers
  • The communities that keep this country moving forward
  • Industries on the rise


Becoming a Hispanic business owner could be the path forward for many future community leaders and helps drive commerce and growth across the country.

1. An Underserved Market

Why could it make sense to own a Hispanic franchise in these modern times? To begin with, it can connect owners with a market of potential customers who often don’t have as many purchasing options as other demographic groups.

Hispanics in the U.S. comprise of more than 18% of the total population. This sizable footprint might not always be reflected in industry investment, though, only 6% of which has gone specifically toward the Hispanic community in the past.

This historic underserving of the U.S. Hispanic population can place new franchises in a favorable position.

A Hispanic business like Line Upon Line, who understands the need a growing population has for more purchasing options and provides an essential service to the community, could be well placed to attract customers and expand the brand.

It’s good business, and it’s the right thing to do for Hispanic communities across the country.

2. A Growing Population

Part of what makes a Hispanic business in today’s modern environment a smart option for many prospective owners is how things are expected to look in the future.

Hispanic communities are a large part of the country today, and they’re projected to continue that growth for years to come.

The U.S. Hispanic population grew by 50% or more in about a third of the nation’s counties that had more than 1,000 Hispanics in 2020. And while the nation as a whole saw about 7% population growth during that period, the Hispanic population grew by about 23%.

That sort of past and projected growth means a large, and available, pool of customers that can become multigenerational loyal guests. It can give Line Upon Line owners the tools they need for long-term development and set them up for future expansion.

Hispanics in this country are a proud and growing economic force. Future Hispanic business owners should recognize this and work to help this demographic realize their full potential.

3. A Community Focus

What goes into a franchise with the drive and business model to last? For many Hispanic businesses like Line Upon Line, one key is the communities we serve.

The history of franchising is, in large part, a story of businesses that slowly become more attuned to the populations they work within.

Franchises often operate best and grow when they reflect the values and attitudes of the customers, and that means working with the community to help them build a lasting and vibrant local culture.

Line Upon Line recognizes the need to become more than a Hispanic business in a Hispanic neighborhood.

Community outreach, and reinvestment in the local cultures that nurtured us and helped us become the responsible citizens and business leaders we are today, are part of our franchise approach.

A franchise can be a civic leader as well as a business. At Line Upon Line, we integrate that belief into everything we do.

4. An Expanding Industry

The increase in demand for accounting services, community-based business approach, and opportunity to connect with underserved and growing markets are just a couple of the top reasons to own a Hispanic business.

Line Upon Line is a service dedicated to providing access to affordable, experienced, friendly, community-based accounting and tax services. It puts our brand in an industry that’s had a long history of positive development, with future expectations for growth as well.

Accounting Services in the U.S. have seen steady expansion for the last five years and beyond. That growth is projected to continue for at least the next five years, as demand for traditional accounting services increases.

The tax and accounting service industry are ready to grow, and Line Upon Line is excited to be part of that expected growth.

Open Your Own Hispanic Business With Line Upon Line

Line Upon Line knows that a business in a Hispanic neighborhood can be more than a franchise.

We serve communities that could use additional representation and are expected to grow, and we’re in an industry set to expand in the next few years.

That sort of positioning can give Line Upon Line owners the drive to build the brand, and transform their neighborhoods and lives.

Want to find out more? Contact us today, and learn what a forward-leaning franchise can do to lead the way to tomorrow.